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 C O N L I S T E G O

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PostSubject: C O N L I S T E G O    Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:38 pm

Full Name::
Conlis Tego

con-list(without the t)

Little Bird


3 years




Decoris- Half-Sister
Gladius- Half-Brother
Fortis- Half-Brother

Fur length::

Eye Color::

Deep Icy Blue

Fur Color::

Scars and Markings::
Long scar across muzzle

Overall Appearance::
Conlis sports his obsidian fur from his father, And its long length and soft touch from his mother. He has icy blue eyes, also his mothers, and his tall frame on his own accord. His long legs give him some disadvantages, but not many. He sports a long solid black tail that often gets in the way. His snout also like to be longer than normal, and his mother would always tease him, calling him, "Her little bird". but his muzzle contains a long scar... (See history for detail)


Carefree: Conlis is always up to no good unless he is helping the injured or sick.
Egotastic(big headed): Conlis thinks he is perfect in a way, and believes everyone adores him. He will normally throw out petty meaningless nicknames to people lile "babe" and "Hun"
Considerate: No matter how tough guy He seems, he cares a lot and despises fighting (See History for why)

The rest will be revealed through RP. I can't give away all the juicy details, now can i??


The tall mix colored female moved silently over to the grave her year old son had dug for his own father. He resembled him so much. She glared envying him slightly. LIfting his own head to the sound of his approaching mother, he knew that his time was slowly ending with the little peace he had with his father. She had turned bitter, and he didn't take any of his grief out on her, as any other yearling would have when they lost a parent. Sighing, he stepped back. He had finished.

-One year later-

Conlis's mother seemed to brighten as another came around. His name was Bratus. This particular male was interested in his mother, and Conlis was determined that if they ever became mates that he would leave for good. After he had told his mother this, she softened. She started calling him little bird. A  name he hadn't heard since his father died. But soon, she became bitter and went right back to him. He stayed until the pups were born, as Bratus had wanted nothing to do with her after that. And he hadn't exactly left in the best of terms. He left a long scar on Conlis's muzzle as he had tried to fight him and make him stay to help care for his pups. Conlis despised fighting ever since. He stayed until Fortis, the eldest, could help her. Then, he left. Fortis was probably to young to remember him anyways. Leaving, with the vast knowladge of herbs, as he had tested them on old dying loners. They were happy to let him. And he never tested them without their full consent. Shunted from pack to pack because of his ways, he stumbled upon this pack.

ill add pictures and everything later. Im too lazy right now.

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The Cray Lady
The Cray Lady

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PostSubject: Re: C O N L I S T E G O    Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:22 pm

Lovely character! I look forward to rping with him Smile
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Age : 18
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PostSubject: Re: C O N L I S T E G O    Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:41 pm

Thanks. I really like this character.
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PostSubject: Re: C O N L I S T E G O    

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