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 Chatbox Rules

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The Cray Lady
The Cray Lady

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Chatbox Rules Empty
PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Chatbox Rules EmptySat Mar 07, 2015 11:34 am

These are the chatbox rules specific only to the chatbox in every shape and form! Read these to ensure a safe relaxing chat with other members.

1. Keep all content PG! There could be younger players here on the forums. Please respect them and use proper English.

2. Additionally to rule 1, no swearing is allowed in the chat. Hell, darn, crud, etc are allowed. If you are unsure if a certain word is allowed, ask a Staff member.

3. Excessive images in chat are not allowed! This means the images should not expand the chat so much so that there are scroll bars all the way across my screen. If the image happens to be lengthy, post only the link instead.

4. Do not use excessive caps as it is considered SPAM. EX: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE or OMG THE SKY IS FALLING SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!!!!!!

5. Do not use the chatbox as a counselor session! We understand things go on in our lives, but some people find it depressing or saddening to hear. We like happy topics around hear, so please keep that stuff to yourself.

6. Be polite in the chat. If someone asks you a questions, please answer it. If it appears they might have missed your question, re-post it or contact them via PM.

7. Be patient. Sometimes users won't say something right away. Staff for instance are very busy so we may not get to your questions right away. Do not spam the chat, simply be patient.

8. Do not advertise or post other pack links in the chatbox. If you wish to have yours or another pack out in the open, please post that stuff in the Affiliate board.
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Chatbox Rules
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