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 Role Play Rules

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The Cray Lady
The Cray Lady

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules   Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:34 am

These are the roleplay rules for when a user participates in roleplay!

1. Post minimum is five sentences! No less than five but more is better!

2. Do not role play another users character. Sometimes users role play the actions of another when their character does something to them. Refrain from doing so. If you have trouble, go ahead and ask for help Smile

3. No power playing! Sorry characters here cannot kill everyone and take over the universe.

4. Curse words are prohibited! Only exceptions are hell, darn, ticked, etc. Ask if you are unsure.

5. Use spell check! By right clicking your mouse while your cursor is over a misspelled word, a list will show up to allow you capability to fix that. Please use it.

6. Do not double post! Wait for another user to post before making a new one.
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Role Play Rules
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