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 Breeding and Aging

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The Cray Lady
The Cray Lady

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PostSubject: Breeding and Aging   Breeding and Aging EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 10:04 pm

This guide will explain how all of that works from finding a mate to welcoming pups.

Accepting Partnership with Character Owners
In order for your characters to be together in RP, you need the acceptance on both sides of the wanted relationship. There are two ways this can be done: Via PM or just asking each other in RP. If the owner of your desired spouse says no, leave it at that. Harassing them into saying yes corrupts the purpose of your intent and possibly a ban as harassment is forbidden on this site.
If both participants agree, both participants must send a PM to all staff members so we are alerted your characters will be together and we have sufficient evidence of the romance. Not sending a pm would signal staff that the pair were not properly engaged and staff would forbid the pairing.

Mating process
Wolves of Armythia are not permited to engage in a sexual intercourse as some younger players would not wish to read that sort of role play and it may cause other to be uncomfortable. PM's are also not allowed. It is preferred and strictly ruled that the physical interaction with your wolves be skipped. No exceptions.
Wolf interactions as related to boyfriend and girlfriend to press understanding is perfectly okay. When both characters/owners decide to have pups, you would simply have your own timeskip and whoever is the female character in the pair, is "Magically" pregnant.

To prevent discomfort and long wait of pups being born, 2 weeks real time should go by for a characters pregnancy before the pups are "born".

Puppy RP
The pair has their own choice of whether they would like other users to role play their pups. This rule is the ONLY exception to the "one account per user" rule. Staff should be notified if this occurs. Role play of a pup automatically time skips to age 1! No exceptions.
If a pair does not want other users to role play their pups, only the pair may role play their pup in third-person rp ONLY. No exceptions.



Adults - Anytime!
1 year pup - Every real month is a year in RP
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Breeding and Aging
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