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 Role Play on Armythia

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The Cray Lady
The Cray Lady

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PostSubject: Role Play on Armythia   Role Play on Armythia EmptySat Mar 07, 2015 11:36 am

This is a guide that will help you understand how role play works here on these particular forums. You will learn how to eneter a territory, and how to leave one. Further questions can be posted in the Help Forum, thank you!

The Role Play rules:

There are two area of role play on Armythia: Alpine Forest and Human Roads. Members will be able to travel between these areas using certain signals in their posts. When you begin role play, you are able to post in whichever place you want. As an example, lets say you posted in Alpine forest at the Armythia Den. While making your first post, your character must action a specific wolf interaction that indicates you are staying in the area for a while. In the case of entering the Den area, your character might have a lowered tail and laid back ears as a sign of submission to other wolves in the area. You will need to make the interaction noticeable to other members in some sort of fashion as long as staff and members can see it.

Leaving an area will be the same basic principle as though you are entering. The only difference is that at the bottom of your post you would put what area you are going to. So you are leaving the den, right? At the bottom of your post you would put "To where ever you are going. In this case, lets say you are going to the Lake. You would then put "To the Lake" and that is all.

Leaving and Entering role play procedures are done for both areas of RP. If you are Leaving the Alpine Forest to go to Human Roads, it is the same thing as leaving an area except you would add Human roads or Alpinr forest before the area. EX: To Alpine Forest, Pack Den.

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Role Play on Armythia
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